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Morgan's is a full service butcher shop specializing in lean fresh sausage, custom cut steaks, roasts, chops, grinds, and a variety of home made cured Italian specialties. We are proud to continue the recipes of the former owner, Massara family, and strive to keep the traditions, quality, and superior customer service which people have known for the past 90 years.

Italy has been the worldwide pioneer in the techniques of curing meats since ancient Roman times. Curing is the age-old process of preserving fresh meat through salting, smoking and air-drying Italian Meats. Pork is the most common cured meat in Italy, although other meats such as beef, venison and wild boar are also cured. Each region of Italy is known for its own cured meats, aka "salumi", based on local customs. Spice plays an important role in the curing of Italian Meats. Typically, Italian Meats from the south tend to be spicier than those from northern Italy.

Inspired by old world butcher shops and with a focus on offering the highest grades of USDA local and fresh foods, Morgan’s Butcher Shop is bringing traditional full service butchery to the Greater Pittston area and outlying locales. Located in a converted and restored storefront , Morgan’s display cases and deli counters are a tribute to old-style butcher shops with a wide selection of fresh cut meats and made fresh deli sandwiches. Our services and products include custom cutting, grinding, and a wide range of in house made items such as dressings, cures, rub, and marinades.

Morgan's Butcher Shop is a family friendly market that blends the best of today's freshness and style with the traditional values and wholesomeness you expect from your neighborhood butcher. Our level of service is seldom found at other specialty markets.

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