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The Butchers List

Delmonico steak (or Delmonico) refers to a method of preparation from one of several cuts of beef (typically the Rib Cut). It's name originates from the preparation used by Delmonico's Restaurant in New York City during the mid-19th century. Our store carries hand trimmed USDA "Choice" or better boneless rib-eye which resembles a Fiilet Mignon in appearance, but because of its more marbled nature is moister.

Sopressata, is an Italian pressed pork salami that is dry-cured. The highest quality sopressata contains only the best cuts of meat and flavorings depend on the recipe chosen by the butcher Our shop makes two types of this in-house cured specialty - (Hot, Wine & Garlic).

Loin Lamb Chops

The porterhouse steak of the lamb, loin chops are more economical than rack of lamb and every bit as tender and flavorful. Rosemary is perhaps the herb that brings out the most flavor in lamb. They are best when seared or grilled to medium rare. Our Loin Lamb Chops are USDA Grade "Choice" or better and first selected for quality then hand closely hand trimmed in house.

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Provolone is a semi-hard Italian cow's milk cheese that has a smooth texture and a mild smoky flavor. Provolone Cheese is made in two distinct aged varieties: Provolone Dolce and Provolone Piccante. Provolone Dolce is aged approximately two to three months and has a mild creamy and milky flavor. Provolone Piccante is usually is usually aged from three months to a year, and is drier, sharper and more pungent than Provolone Dolce. Our block Aged Provolone is of the Piccante variety.

Veal Scallopini, (also referred to as veal cutlet), is a general term that refers to a thinly sliced piece of veal (typically veal leg meat), which is then pounded before cooking. Our Veal is a quality selected USDA Grade "Choice: or better and closely hand trimmed in house.

Our pork ribs are quality selected hand trimmed fresh, moist, and tender pork. There are several different styles of ribs found in our store daily.

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