Red, Yellow, and Sweet Onions

Red, Yellow, and Sweet Onions

Our onions are locally grown and available year round. Yellow onions are the all purpose, go-to onion because they have a good balance of flavors and get sweeter when cooked. Sweet onions are yellow in color but have very little astringent, sharp flavor. They have a naturally sweet flavor and are great for using raw. Red onions are actually purple  and a  favorite for raw preparations because of their beautiful color and mild flavor with just the right amount of bite. Being mindful of what type of onion a recipe calls is a good idea since different types will yield different results. Onions stored in a cool places can last for weeks.
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106 Butler Street, Pittston, PA 18640 USA

 Closed Sun - Mon | Tue- Fri 11am - 5pm | Sat 9am - 4pm  

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